We've teamed up with Tree-Nation, collaborating with over 70 top reforestation initiatives across 25 countries worldwide. With our partnership, our customers are planting trees, always being informed of their location and who's caring for them. All projects, handled by local NGOs, are stringently selected.

While a single tree may only instill a whisper of hope, every tree reflects our commitment. In time, together we'll grow a forest that roars with our call for change to make a better tomorrow.



We source our ingredients from wildly grown natural habitats, selecting them at their peak nutritional value. Leveraging advanced extraction methods like cold-press and CO2 extraction, we ensure every drop we produce is potent and efficient. These advanced methods reduce waste and energy consumption, emphasizing our dedication to a minimal environmental footprint.

Every drop counts.


We operate with a "digital first" approach, resorting to paper only when it's compulsory. Language-specific mandatory information for our products is printed on-demand to minimize excessive inventory and maintain ingredient freshness. Our shipping packaging is thoughtfully designed to be compact and efficient. When paper is used, we prioritize FSC-certified and recycled sources, ensuring minimal environmental impact.

Less is more.


With each shipment, we make a difference. We've teamed up with DHL's Send it Green, ensuring every delivery supports climate-smart shipping. This initiative doesn't just offset environmental impact—it invests in fossil-free technology, continuously building towards a sustainable future.

Like the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching him to fish, we're investing in long-term solutions, not just quick fixes.


In every aspect of our business, we actively prioritize essentials, reduce excess, and aim for the purest form of efficiency. Continuous improvement is at our core.

Always questioning, refining and striving for improving the essence of what's truly needed - is it mere form, or does it serve a genuine function?

If you have ideas on how we can enhance our practices even further, we welcome them warmly. Together we can make an impact.