Leveraging our unique biotechnology rooted in Japanese innovation, we at Jevie are committed to promoting skin health and balancing the skin microbiome through our groundbreaking serum. The result of 33 years of diligent research and development, this serum stands as a testament to our devotion to providing a 100% natural skincare solution, free from all synthetic and artificial chemicals. To underscore the effectiveness and safety of our serum, we have conducted and are prepared to share the results of numerous tests. Our journey has been marked by overcoming challenges, achieving breakthroughs, and maintaining an unwavering zero-tolerance policy towards chemical additives—all in our mission to uphold nature’s balance.


Dr. Shahram Mesri, a distinguished plant scientist and biotechnologist, boasts an impressive academic portfolio with a PhD in plant breeding from Tokyo University, Japan, and two Master’s degrees in Agronomy from Mississippi State University and the University of Florida, USA. As the founder of Biolink Corporation, Dr. Mesri has been a pioneer in plant biotechnology, focusing on developing 100% natural products. His work, deeply rooted in the belief that “Nature is above all,” demonstrates his dedication to harnessing nature’s potential.

Throughout his career, Dr. Mesri has made significant strides in plant biotechnology. His achievements include the development of a suspension culture method for Gymnema sylvestre, the creation of a cost-effective plant medium, and the establishment of a tissue culture system for the mass propagation of Gymnema sylvestre. Additionally, he has innovated in the development of diet tablets using plant extracts and the extraction of curcumin from turmeric.

Dr. Mesri’s true legacy, however, is embodied in Jevie, which represents the culmination of his life’s work. Through Jevie, he has set a new standard in the skincare industry, offering products that are honest, truly natural which deliver exceptional results. In doing so, he has seamlessly blended scientific rigor with nature’s bounty, demonstrating the potential of such a union.

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In order to guarantee that THE LOTION is 100% natural and free from any chemical residues, we enlisted the expertise of the renowned Hokuriku Institute of Environmental Science Co. Ltd. They conducted a comprehensive multiresidue analysis for 243 agricultural chemicals in Jevie THE LOTION.

These tests are typically employed for food products, where regulations are much stricter compared to the cosmetics industry. The cosmetics industry often uses refined agricultural ingredients that contain chemicals or traces of chemical residue.

The results proved that Jevie THE LOTION was entirely free from all 243 agricultural chemicals tested.




  • 48 HOURS AT 20°C

    In an experiment exploring the importance of avoiding synthetic preservatives and chemicals in favor of all-natural ingredients, radish root seeds were used to test the effects of various natural moisturizers on seed germination. Seed dormancy, an evolutionary adaptation, keeps seeds inactive during unfavorable conditions. Radish root seeds were placed in test tubes containing well-known natural moisturizers, including THE LOTION, to observe their germination rates in the presence or absence of synthetic preservatives. After 48 hours, the seeds germinated in THE LOTION and continued to sprout during the 10 day experiment.

  • 10 DAYS AT 20°C

    In the other so-called natural moisturizers, the seeds remained dormant and did not grow at all. Even when these lotions were diluted twenty times with water there was no growth; suggesting that the presence of preservatives at concentrations as low as 0.2% will inhibit seed germination. This outcome underscores the importance of using all-natural ingredients, as seeds will only grow in a clean, natural environment, revealing the potential negative effects of synthetic preservatives or chemicals on biological processes.





    In this experiment, four groups of Geranium leaves were tested for their moisture retention capabilities. Each group was soaked in a different solution: Jevie THE LOTION, a premium organic lotion from Europe, a premium organic lotion from Japan, and a control group with no lotion. Following the soaking process, the leaves were placed in an oven at 68°C for 20 minutes to assess the effectiveness of each lotion in retaining moisture.


    Both the control and Japanese lotion groups lost all moisture, while the European lotion group lost the majority of its moisture. In contrast, Jevie THE LOTION retained nearly all moisture content, demonstrating its superior performance. The experiment concluded that Jevie THE LOTION, with natural ingredients like Wild Pistachio oil, has the potential to be a more effective and natural alternative to conventional moisturizers containing Glycerin or BG.

Before week-0





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  • Jevie THE LOTION’s ability to diminish fine wrinkles caused by dryness has been scientifically confirmed in a clinical study conducted in strict accordance with the standards set by the Japanese Cosmetic Science Society. The study centred around 24 subjects with wrinkles specifically located around the outer corners of their eyes, a common area affected by fine lines due to dryness. Participants were divided into two groups, with one applying Jevie THE LOTION consistently over a period of four weeks, while the other group was used as a control.

    An in-depth analysis of multiple parameters such as visual wrinkle grade, wrinkle area and volume percentages, maximum and average wrinkle depth, maximum wrinkle width, and wrinkle count was carried out. This extensive evaluation enabled a thorough comparison of conditions before and after the application of Jevie THE LOTION, offering a clear, quantifiable measure of its anti-wrinkle efficacy. The results were resoundingly positive, with Jevie THE LOTION demonstrating substantial anti-wrinkle benefits. In contrast, the control group exhibited virtually no noticeable change over the same period.

  • One of the most significant findings was the marked reduction in the wrinkle volume, depth, and width among the subjects who applied Jevie THE LOTION. This decrease directly corresponds to the improvement of fine wrinkles, often exacerbated by dryness. In other words, Jevie THE LOTION not only hydrates the skin but also effectively mitigates the appearance of these fine lines.

    Through these scientifically proven results, Jevie THE LOTION positions itself as a reliable skincare solution, not just an anti-wrinkle lotion. It offers significant potential for individuals aiming to combat the signs of aging and maintain a youthful appearance by noticeably reducing the fine wrinkles associated with dryness.

    The end result is a smoother, fresher, and more youthful complexion that underlines Jevie THE LOTION’s role as more than an anti-wrinkle product—it’s a scientifically endorsed guarantee of healthier, more youthful skin.



microbiological safety and longevity


  • Taking a stand against synthetic preservatives in skincare products requires a commitment to rigorous testing and high safety standards. In this context, an external preservative effectiveness test was performed by Bloom Co., Ltd, an independent third-party laboratory. The product in question, Jevie THE LOTION, embodies this commitment and underwent stringent evaluation in compliance with the protocols of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia, an authoritative guide for such assessments.

    The findings from this independent test are highly noteworthy. Jevie THE LOTION displayed remarkable antimicrobial properties, effectively inhibiting the growth of key microorganisms, including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, and Aspergillus brasiliensis.

  • Over a 28-day test period, the product not only maintained extremely low bacterial counts but also significantly reduced the population of Aspergillus brasiliensis, a test fungus. This performance, indicative of a potent natural preservative system, successfully met the rigorous standards set by the Japanese Pharmacopoeia.

    These results confirm the product's microbiological safety and longevity, underlining our commitment to product safety, comprehensive testing, and transparency. The achievement provides consumers with the assurance of the microbiological safety of Jevie THE LOTION.





  • To ensure that Jevie THE LOTION is safe when applied to the skin we conducted a Human Patch Study Report with industry-leading experts at 701 Research Inc. The test group consisted of 23 healthy male and female participants, aged 22-58, all self-identifying as having sensitive or slightly sensitive facial skin. Over three consecutive days, Jevie THE LOTION was applied, observed, and assessed for a comprehensive 48-hour period.

  • Results from this study show that Jevie THE LOTION was classified as a “Safe Material”. Only one subject displayed a mild, transient skin reaction at the 24-hour mark which disappeared by the 48-hour judgment. Control materials, known for their skin-friendliness, caused no reactions in any subject. This underscores the safety and efficacy of our Jevie Lotion, making it suitable for individuals with sensitive or slightly sensitive skin.





  • Conducted at ALS Pharmaceutical, Beauty, and Personal Care, the study utilized a 50 subject human repeat insult patch test to assess skin irritation and sensitization. The selection criteria for participants included their overall health and ability to fully participate in the study. Test materials were applied under different conditions, such as occlusive, semi-occlusive, and open patch, following a specific protocol involving multiple 24-hour exposures over a three-week period, followed by a rest period and a retest/challenge dose.

  • The test results were evaluated and scored based on the International Contact Dermatitis Research Group scoring scale. Out of the initial 55 subjects enrolled, 53 successfully completed the study, with ages ranging from 19 to 62 years, and the majority being female. The application procedures and conditions were clearly outlined, with a prompt response to any adverse reactions or the need for a treatment program. The findings revealed no reactions to the test material in the majority of the subjects, indicating a minimal potential for skin irritation and sensitization associated with the tested lotion.



    Food-grade vs Cosmetic-grade

    The research focused on comparing the effectiveness of refined cosmetic ingredients with unrefined, food-grade ingredients. Results indicated that food-grade ingredients were more effective, suggesting that the refinement process in cosmetics may negatively impact quality and effectiveness. The study raises concerns that the cosmetics industry prioritizes appearance for marketing purposes over actual effectiveness and emphasizes the importance of consumer awareness when selecting cosmetic products.


    Avoiding chemical emulsifiers

    The challenge of mixing oil and water, which don’t naturally blend, is often solved in the cosmetics industry by using chemical emulsifiers. Seeking a natural alternative, various methods were experimented with to keep water molecules close together for a stable mixture. Ultimately, a combination of agar, Arabian gum, and guar gum was found to successfully mix oil and water without the need for chemical emulsifiers. This natural solution is considered better for the skin and avoids potential negative effects of chemical additives.


    Avoiding Synthetic Fragrances and Artificial Colours

    Synthetic fragrances and artificial colours, common in the cosmetics industry, pose potential risks including allergic reactions, skin irritations, and even more serious health concerns with prolonged exposure. Motivated by these issues, we took on the significant challenge of replacing these elements with natural alternatives in our skincare range.

    For the fragrance, we turned to the highest quality Rosa Damascena Flower Water and Oil available on the market. These natural essences do much more than provide a soothing scent. They carry powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, aiding in maintaining skin that is not only clean but also well-protected. Addressing the need for colour and texture, we harnessed natural thickeners Agar and Guar Gum, derived from marine red algae and cluster beans respectively. These contribute a subtle, natural hue and a luxurious, silky feel to the lotion. At the same time, they enhance moisture retention, helping to reduce skin dryness.

    Through these measures, we successfully navigated around the potential dangers associated with synthetic fragrances and artificial colours, offering a safer, all-natural alternative without sacrificing the sensory appeal of our products.