Get an inside look at our eco-conscious choices

Get an inside look at our eco-conscious choices

Meet the Jevie Team: From why we made the switch, to our favorite picks, get ready for an inside look at our eco-conscious choices.

First up, let's introduce our Social Media & Content Manager, Linn, who leads the charge in conscious living! From her awakening during pregnancy to her ongoing journey towards eco-awareness, she shares her insights and favorite natural picks.

What prompted your decision to transition to natural skincare products?

“My transition to natural skincare began during my first pregnancy, where I sought safe and gentle ingredients for both myself and my baby. Now, as a mother of two, juggling life and skincare is my daily focus. Prioritizing safe, effective and natural skincare has become integral to my routine, ensuring the well-being of my family. Choosing sustainable skincare is my investment in a better future for us all.”

How do you prioritize self-care in your daily life and how does skincare fit into that routine?

“As a woman in my thirties, prioritizing skincare has become essential. I seek effective products that not only nourish my skin but also align with my commitment to sustainability. Balancing self-care with the demands of kids and work can be challenging, but I carve out moments for myself, whether it's a walk, meditation or yoga. Opting for natural skincare solutions, I'm mindful of avoiding harmful chemicals, benefiting both my skin and the environment. This conscious approach not only nurtures my well-being but also supports a healthier future.”

How do you define natural skincare and what criteria do you look for when choosing natural products?

“When defining natural skincare, I prioritize products made from ingredients sourced directly from nature, without synthetic additives or harsh chemicals. I scrutinize ingredient lists, preferring recognizable plant-based ingredients and avoiding artificial fragrances or preservatives. Prioritizing sustainability, eco-friendly packaging and ethical sourcing practices are also key factors in my decision-making process when choosing natural skincare products.”

Which one is your favorite product?

“I can't choose just one favorite product because both THE LOTION and THE BARRIER ELIXIR are essential for my skincare routine. They're versatile, providing everything my skin needs: microbiome-friendly, moisturizing and packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Backed by science, they not only reduce wrinkles but also restore a radiant glow. THE BARRIER ELIXIR, a luxurious high-potency oil, complements THE LOTION’S 'All-in-One' solution, offering concentrated nourishment, especially beneficial for my dry skin.”